Donald Trump deploys warships to North Korea as a distraction from his Syria distraction

Don’t look over there, look over here! Donald Trump has spent his entire career in real estate playing three card monty, shifting money around that was never really his to begin with, entering one bad deal to distract from another failed deal. And now we’re watching him play out the same strategy with the United States military, placing us tonight on the verge of armageddon.

Three days ago Donald Trump fired fifty-nine sophisticated Tomahawk missiles at a primitive Syrian air base but somehow managed to leave it fully operational. As the questions have piled up, Trump had to acknowledge this afternoon that he wasn’t even aiming for the runways (link), tacitly admitting that he was going out of his way to keep Vladimir Putin happy – and that the Syrian strike served no legitimate purpose.

Syria is suddenly on the verge of becoming Trump’s biggest scandal yet, and the deeper it goes, the more it’ll circle back to his Russian election collusion. But the master con man can’t have that, of course, so tonight he’s making the deranged move of sending warships to the Korean Peninsula.


What will he do once the fleet is in place? No one knows yet for sure. All we know for now is that, incredibly, he’s making the dispatch just three days after his last bogus military action (source:CNN). Will Trump take out North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, thus risking World War III with China in the process? Or is this all just a bluff to take the focus off the Syria scam? Or will he fire fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles into Kim’s compound while making sure he doesn’t hit anything? After all, it’s precisely what he just did on the other side of the world. And so America – and the world – hold their breath tonight as an unstable con artist treats the fate of every life on earth as if it were just another game of three card monty. Contribute to Palmer Report

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