James Comey just found his nationally televised venue for debunking Donald Trump’s wiretap claim

Here’s the thing about FBI Director James Comey: he plays for Team Comey. No matter how far backward he bent during the election to dishonestly help Donald Trump at Hillary Clinton’s expense, he cares far more about his own reputation than he does about Trump’s fate. That explains why he’s been leaking to the media that Trump is full of crap about Barack Obama wiretapping him; the false claim made Comey’s FBI look bad.

But Comey has had a difficult time figuring out how to publicly and officially rebuke Trump’s wiretap nonsense. According to CNN, Comey tried and failed to get his new boss Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice to publicly knock down Trump’s claims; one can only assume that Comey himself leaked this detail to the media. But as it turns out, Comey has just been handed his official opportunity to rebuke Trump in front of the cameras.

If James Comey were to grab a microphone right now and assert that Donald Trump’s wiretap claim is false, he would be acting insubordinately; he might even be handing Trump the grounds to fire him for cause. But guess what? The House Intelligence Committee has just asked Comey to testify in its initial Trump-Russia public hearings on March 20th. That’s eleven days from now. Even if the Republicans on the committee don’t ask Comey about Trump’s wiretap claim, the Democrats certainly will during their allotted time.


And then Comey will simply be answering a Congressman’s question, conveniently in front of live television cameras. How can he be considered insubordinate when he was called to testify and he was asked a direct question under oath? It gives Comey the public venue he’s presumably been looking for. He gets to publicly put Trump’s wiretap nonsense to bed. And Trump’s anger that day will be focused elsewhere, as his nemesis Sally Yates is also scheduled to testify on the 20th. Get your popcorn ready. <Contribute to Palmer Report

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