Donald Trump’s day from Hell

Donald Trump has had a number of bad days since taking office. His approval rating is the lowest of any first-year U.S. President in the history of polling, and his Russia scandal becomes more dangerous for him by the day, as his tentative grasp on the office continues to slip away from him. But today was one of his worst days yet. Just how bad was it? Trump’s false teeth appeared to fall out while he was giving a speech today, and it wasn’t even among the five worst things that happened to him during the course of the day. So let’s take a look.

Donald Trump Jr testified before Congress today, so right away you know things went poorly for the entire Trump family, because Junior is an idiot. Sure enough, he incriminated one of his father’s closest advisers, Hope Hicks. This means Hicks will probably have to cut a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in order to keep herself out of prison. Hicks just happens to be in a unique position to incriminate Donald Trump for obstruction of justice, so this was probably not a good move on Junior’s part.

Junior also falsely invoked attorney-client privilege in order to avoid testifying about the conversations he had with his father about the Russia meeting. This means he accidentally told Mueller precisely where to start digging, because the “don’t look over there” strategy never fools investigators. But Donald Trump Jr was only part of Donald Trump’s problems today. Congress revealed today that a whistleblower incriminated Michael Flynn six months ago. It’s a reminder that we have no idea how much additional damning evidence Mueller is holding up his sleeve, and neither does Trump.

By the way, the thing with Donald Trump’s teeth is real. He gave a speech today and, as it went on, he began slurring his words even more alarmingly. He ended his speech saying something that sounded like “God blesh the United Shesh.” Either he wears cheap dentures and they fell out, or he had cotton mouth because he was high on drugs. Take your pick. But when saying “United Shesh” is not among the most embarrassing things that happened to a U.S. President on any given day, you know his day was simply terrible.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report