No wonder Donald Trump has begun crapping himself

Earlier today I wrote that Donald Trump’s actions over the past twenty-four hours have strongly suggested he’s aware that something devastating was about to happen to him, and that he didn’t expect to ultimately survive it. Last night and today, he’s purposely wrecked everything from health care to the Iran deal out of what seems to be nothing more than frantic crazed spite and a desire to take others down with him. Now we know why he’s begun crapping himself.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has always had the long-term upper hand when it comes to his investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal – but Mueller has also faced a complex series of steps to get to where he needs to be. He’s had to start at the bottom of Trump’s food chain and painstakingly work his way up, one step at a time. Mueller has played his cards so close to the vest that it’s often been difficult to track his progress. But today he revealed that he’s been making huge strides, because he interviewed Reince Priebus today, according to NBC News – and that’s a really advanced step.

Mueller started at the bottom of the Trump power structure. Now he’s already talking to the guy who spent six months serving as Trump’s White House Chief if Staff. This is huge, because it means Mueller has already plowed through the people under Priebus, and he’s either gotten one or more of them to flip on Priebus, or he’s learned from them that Priebus is willing to cooperate. In this context, “cooperate” is just a nice word for “sell Trump out to save himself from facing criminal charges.” Moreover, Trump knows this.

Reince Priebus has no personal loyalty to Donald Trump, and thus no motivation to take the fall for him. Considering how badly Trump abused Priebus during their six months working together, Priebus surely doesn’t trust Trump to pardon him, either. Priebus almost certainly threw Trump under the bus to Mueller today, and Trump knows it. The process still has to play out, but if Priebus has indeed flipped, Trump has no path to survive this. No wonder he’s gone frantically berserk.

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