Here comes Brett Kavanaugh’s cradle of filth

Here we go yet again. Now that the stage has been set for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to publicly testify before the Senate about her attempted rape accusation against Brett Kavanaugh, and for Kavanaugh to testify in his defense, we’re already seeing the ugliest factions of American society racing to remind us just how ugly they are. It’s already begun.

The race is now on to insist that Kavanaugh – because he’s a powerful man – should be taken at his word, while Ford – because she’s a woman – should not be believed. We’re also seeing the argument that even if Kavanaugh did try to rape a woman, he’s somehow magically a better person now, so we should just ignore it and put him on the Supreme Court anyway, where he’ll get to spend the rest of his life deciding the fates of other lowlifes and their victims. That’s just so pathetic.

If Brett Kavanaugh were being accused of having stolen a candy bar from a convenience store in his youth, we could have a serious conversation about whether he’s grown over the decades from a minor violator of the law, to someone who can be trusted to interpret the law. But attempted rape? Are you kidding me? That’s the kind of argument you’d expect to hear after a guy has spent twenty years in prison, and he’s asking to be let out on parole. Even then, you’d expect him to be placed on a sex offender registry for the rest of his life, not on the Supreme Court.

If nothing else, times like these serve as a good litmus test for society, because we see the lowest of the low crawling out of their cradle of filth in order to tell us how they feel. Take a look around at the politicians, pundits, public figures, and guys at the local pub who are arguing that we should automatically believe Brett Kavanaugh because he’s a man, and disbelieve Christine Blasey Ford because she’s a woman. These are the people you can safely reject from society, because if they’re that morally wrong about this, they’re never going to be morally right about anything.

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