Cowardly Republicans have just been handed the perfect opportunity to impeach Donald Trump

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From a moral and patriotic standpoint, it’s outrageous that the Republicans in Congress have spent this long refusing to impeach Donald Trump for his mounting crimes. But from a strictly strategic standpoint, I understand their cowardice. They’re going to head into the midterms either taking crap for impeaching Trump or taking crap for not impeaching him, and they’re stuck trying to decide which poison to swallow. But they’ve just been handed a golden opportunity.

By showing solid support for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the Republicans in Congress have tipped off that they’re hoping Mueller takes Donald Trump down. They’d just rather avoid having their own fingerprints on it if possible. Part of that is because even though Trump has committed the most severe and egregiously traitorous crime in the history of the United States by partnering with a foreign enemy to rig the election in his favor, it’s still a complex and convoluted scandal. But everyone in America understands that there’s a problem when the “president” is refusing to disavow his own Nazi supporters even after they just committed a deadly terrorist attack against the United States.

I mean, we’re talking about actual Nazis. Many of these goons were chanting Nazi slogans and wearing Nazi paraphernalia. Others were overtly identifying as white supremacists. The rally was led in part by David Duke, a former KKK Grand Wizard. The people behind the Charlottesville debacle are straight from the bowels of Hell, and everyone knows it. It’s why so many Republican leaders in Congress felt safe in quickly condemning the entire thing, and to call out these Nazis and white supremacists for what they are. These goons are conservatives, but most Republicans don’t want or need their votes.

And yet Donald Trump couldn’t even bring himself to publicly acknowledge that these self-identified Nazis and white supremacists even were Nazis and white supremacists. Trump’s silence has confirmed once and for all that he knows these types are his core base, and that he’s afraid of losing them. All that the GOP would have to do is stand up and say that it’s horrified by Trump’s refusal to disavow a Nazi terrorist attack against America, and that they feel compelled to remove him from office for his complicity.

The GOP won’t do it, of course. Not yet. They’re still hoping the Special Counsel finishes off Trump for them before the midterms, or that Trump’s approval rating drops even lower before they have to stop in and finish him off themselves. But even as cowardly as the Republicans in Congress are, their willingness to publicly condemn Trump’s white supremacist base is a sign that they’re growing closer to growing a spine. The only question now is whether the Republicans find the guts to finish Trump off before we finish them off in the midterms.

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