Confirmed: Donald Trump advisor Michael T. Flynn was colluding with Russia BEFORE election

The smoking gun emerged today connecting the dots of Donald Trump’s with the Russian government to rig the presidential election, but the two major newspapers who broke the story both ended up burying the lead. The United States intelligence community has confirmed that Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn did collude with Russia on sanctions after the election. But buried deeper in their reporting is the confirmation that Flynn was colluding with the Russian government before the election.

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Here’s the relevant passage from the New York Times:

“But current and former American officials said that conversation — which took place the day before the Obama administration imposed sanctions on Russia over accusations that it used cyberattacks to help sway the election in Mr. Trump’s favor — ranged far beyond the logistics of a post-inauguration phone call. And they said it was only one in a series of contacts between the two men that began before the election and also included talk of cooperating in the fight against the Islamic State, along with other issues.”

And there’s the relevant passage from the Washington Post:

“The talks were part of a series of contacts between Flynn and Kislyak that began before the Nov. 8 election and continued during the transition.”

You’ll have to scroll down a bit to get to these parts because they’re buried rather far down in the articles. But while the headline of the day is that Michael Flynn was illegally colluding with the Russian government after the election on sanctions, the real story here is that Flynn was colluding with the Russians before the election.

It hasn’t yet been publicly revealed what Flynn was discussing with Russia before the election — but we now know that the U.S. intelligence community has heard these conversations. It’s a matter of time before it leaks out just what Flynn and Russia said to each other during the campaign, and how Donald Trump was involved. This is the smoking gun. And it’s forthcoming imminently.

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