Donald Trump’s decision to hire the CNBC guy is even more disastrous than it sounds

Larry Kudlow has been named as the top economic adviser to Donald Trump, replacing recently departed Gary Cohn. Kudlow a conservative commentator, who in any other universe but Trump’s would not be viewed as qualified to hold such a vital position based on his past admitted drug and alcohol abuse as well as a litany of economic prediction blunders.

In 2007, Ludlow called voices warning of looming recession “pessimistas,” assuring there was no trouble in the economy, just before 2008 brought the Bush recession. Following his ridiculous prediction, Kudlow assured his audience that the economy would rebound in the summer, calling the slump a “slow patch.” The recession actually worsened, forcing millions out of their homes, bankrupting banks and sending unemployment skyrocketing.

Trump’s choice is not surprising and quite predictable. Kudlow and Trump share something unique in common: they are both media personalities. Trump likes people who understand media, It helps that Kudlow is likely to tow the line and not challenge Trump on economic policy, or criticize him for his inappropriate words and behavior. In other words he’s an ideal candidate for an authoritarian leader.

Larry Kudlow, long a fixture on CNBC, still appears as a contributor there, after his show “Kudlow Report” was cancelled in 2014. He’s a staunch proponent of supply side economics and deregulation who praised Trump for the tax cut bill but called the recent steel tariffs a “tax increase on the American people” in an article he co-authored. Time will tell if Larry Kudlow will be a voice of reason in the ever changing Donald Trump administration, but it is noteworthy that after his name was floated as Gary Cohn’s replacement on Monday, the Dow Jones closed down on the news.

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