Donald Trump can’t be this bad. Wait, yes he can.

Everyone has a 11/9/16 story. Either it was a dream come true or the beginning of your worst nightmare. I woke up, saw the news, and proceeded to have an all out meltdown. I ran through the house crying and threw myself on the floor, Scarlet O’Hara style, until I was forced to leave for work. All day I couldn’t shake the overwhelming sense of dread and disbelief, I was so confident, we all were, she was supposed to be the first female POTUS. What had happened?

Most people tried to offer words of encouragement, “Trump can’t be that bad” they’d say. Well, guess what? Trump has been that bad and he will only get worse due to who he is fundamentally as a person. He’s racist and spiteful, hell bent on destroying the legacy of Obama. He’s sexist, he believes women are disposable. I mean how many affairs have yet to be discovered? His worst quality as a leader is that Trump values no one BUT Trump and select Trump offspring.

Everyday we wake up to a new revelation of shit and it’s like no one cares in the GOP. They write off his indiscretions like he’s a teenage boy that just got caught rolling the neighbor’s yard. “He doesn’t know any better.” Well the truth is that he should know better. He should have known better than to back out of the climate deal, or the trade agreements, or when he was mean tweeting a man that has nuclear weapons at his disposal

He should know better but he doesn’t and he has no interest in learning. Donald Trump can be that bad, the only question is how much worse does he have to be for someone to step up and do something.

Brittnie is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, businesswoman, and democrat surviving in the deep red state of Tennessee. It is the responsibility of every generation to create a better future for the children; now is our time.