The real reason Donald Trump suddenly loves going to Camp David

For the first six months in office, Donald Trump spent nearly every weekend visiting his own golf resorts in various states. You couldn’t pay him to spend any time at Camp David, the official vacation home for the President of the United States. Now, suddenly, Trump has lost interest in visiting any of his own properties, and he’s instead visiting Camp David on a regular basis. There’s a fairly obvious reason why, and it does in fact have to do with getting paid.

Trump spent those first six months visiting his own properties for a thinly veiled reason: it allowed him to charge the Secret Service for everything from space rental to golf cart rental. As the owner of these properties, that money went right into his own pocket. He used these weekend trips to swindle so much money from the Secret Service that in August it was revealed its entire budget for the year is already gone.

Now that Trump can’t continue pocketing money from his weekend trips to his own golf resorts, he’s suddenly lost any interest in golfing. We’re a long way from winter, and the weather is still fine for golf, particularly at his courses down south. But now we’re seeing rather clearly that it was never about golf to begin with.

In fact Donald Trump is now in a position to potentially lose money by visiting his own properties, because it means he has to pay the private employees who show up to cater to his every whim, without any way to cancel that out by bilking the Secret Service. So now Trump suddenly loves going to Camp David instead. He can’t pilfer any money during those trips, but he at least benefits from not having to pay any of the government employees who work there. It’s why he’s heading back there this weekend.

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