Buckle up, Donald Trump: this week will set your entire presidency on fire

Donald Trump is coming off a pretty bad week for himself. He botched his Texas hurricane visit so badly, he had to go back for a second, also failed visit. His true motivation for being a Russian puppet during the election, the Trump Tower Moscow project, was exposed. And it was revealed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller now has a smoking gun on obstruction of justice, as well as an ace in the hole for defeating Trump’s Russia pardons. But this is all nothing compared to the week that’s beginning right now.

There are two key ticking time bombs to consider. The first is that, with Mueller now in possession of Trump’s secret self-incriminating letter about the James Comey firing, he can now use this to apply legal pressure to everyone who so much as read that letter while Trump was in the process of firing Comey. Every one of them is on the hook for conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice, or misprision of a felony, or both. That means there will be a race among Trump’s least stupid current and former advisers to see who can get the best deal first by blabbing about the whole thing. Then again, there’s evidence that at least one of them has already begun blabbing.

Stop and ask yourself how Robert Mueller has come into possession of that letter. Someone in Trump’s orbit turned it over to him, either voluntarily or through subpoena. If it’s the former, it means one of Trump’s own underlings has already flipped on him – and Trump has no way of even knowing who it is. Even if it’s the latter, if Trump’s advisers are now fully cooperating with subpoenas by turning over a damning letter that Mueller probably didn’t even know existed, that’s as good as having flipped on Trump.

Because this week begins with a Labor Day holiday on Monday, and the public’s focus is elsewhere, it’s unclear how swiftly the media will move to report the Trump-Russia dirt it’s now regularly getting its hands on. Perhaps the week will start slowly. But by the end of it, Trump’s presidency will be in flames. You have to ask yourself how the media learned that Mueller has Trump’s self-incriminating letter. It must have been leaked to the media by the same person who gave the letter to Mueller. What will that person leak next? Stay tuned. If you find Palmer Report valuable, make a donation.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report