Hilarious “Bowling Green Massacre Fund” raises money for the ACLU

Yesterday, Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway invented a piece of alternative history when she claimed that the Muslim ban was justified due to the “Bowling Green Massacre.” Of course there’s no such thing, and twenty-four hours later, no one has any idea what the always-lying Conway was even talking about. But one good thing has come out of the incident: there is now a “Bowling Green Massacre Fund” website, and it’s raising money for the ACLU.

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It’s not clear who owns the website in question, as the registration for “bowlinggreenmassacrefund.com” is listed as a proxy on the WHOIS website database. But the one-page website has a “Donate Now” button at the center of it, and when you click on it, you’re taken directly to the official ACLU website. It’s possible the ACLU itself is behind the “Bowling Green Massacre Fund” website, and it’s also possible that a private individual who opposes Donald Trump has set this up for the ACLU’s benefit. But either way it’s very much a legitimate way of boosting donations to the ACLU, which has been instrumental in leading the fight against Trump’s extremist policies.

It was the American Civil Liberties Union who went into court and won an immediate stay against Trump’s Muslim ban, just hours after he had signed off on it. As a result, donations to the ACLU have spiked over the past week in proportions which the non-profit group has never before seen. As the ACLU states on its website, “People across the country are coming together to stand up for what they believe is right. Take your stand—help us as we: Defend free speech and the right to protest. Fight relentless attacks on reproductive freedom. Reform our racially-biased criminal justice system.”

You can visit the Bowling Green Massacre Fund website for fun, or you can go straight to aclu.org to donate.

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