Donald Trump rolls out of bed and goes completely berserk

Yesterday a rogue Twitter employee briefly deleted Donald Trump’s entire Twitter account, before the company intervened and restored it all. This morning, Trump put on the kind of display which suggests that employee deserves a medal for having tried to shut him up. As the Trump-Russia investigation closes in on him, Trump is clearly losing what little remaining grasp he might have had on mental competence. This morning’s display only served to underline how fearful, panicked, and outright berserk he’s become.

Donald Trump rolled out of bed this morning (or perhaps fell out of bed, based on his recent behavior) and promptly demanded that the FBI and Department of Justice investigate “Crooked Hillary” Clinton for a series of crimes that never happened, and things that aren’t even crimes. At another point he was attacking Bernie Sanders, calling him “Crazy Bernie.” Then he hurled a racial slur at Elizabeth Warren. We’ve seen all of this from him before. But this was like a greatest hits package of toxic garbage. It was just the beginning.

Trump went on to refer to the NYC terrorist as a “Degenerate Animal” (for once we agree with him, though we doubt he wrote this one, as there’s no way he could correctly spell “degenerate” even with the help of autocorrect). But from there he asserted that as a result of the NYC attack, he’s had the military hit ISIS “much harder” over the last two days. That’s a problem, because if it’s true, then it means that he was being softer on ISIS than he could have been before the attack. In any case, based on his nonstop lies, he’s probably just making up this claim anyway. But he’s at the point where he’s either spilling, or inventing, military secrets out of desperation. And yes, it got worse.

Donald Trump finished his morning meltdown by tweeting “The decision on Sergeant Bergdahl is a complete and total disgrace to our Country and to our Military.” Whatever you feel about the Bergdahl case and his lack of jail time, you’re entitled to your opinion. But it’s beyond berserk for the person occupying the office of President of the United States to try to tell a judge how to sentence someone. That’s just not how America works. If only Twitter had left his account deleted, our democracy might be a lot more safe. On the other hand, he’s using Twitter to incriminate himself in the Trump-Russia scandal.