Are authorities planning to move in on Donald Trump’s chumps while he’s overseas?

It’s still not clear that every intel community leak hitting the wires this week is legitimate, but in the wake of Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, what is clear is that things are swiftly progressing to the point where the leaks are coming fast and furious. Now comes the claim that authorities are planning to move in on some of Trump’s associates while he’s out of the country this week.

The latest online leak comes from a man with an intel community background known only as Broadsword Six. When it comes to some online pundits, we’ve seen their insider information turn out to fully proven. But we’re not familiar enough with Broadsword’s track record to be able to place any particular level of credibility on his current assertion. So we’ll pass it along here, and you can decide what you think of it.

Here’s what Broadsword Six shared this evening: “I can confirm in the next 48-72 hrs arrest warrants will be drawn for six individuals related to this fuckery we currently call government. Four will result from grand juries from Southern District Court of New York. Two from Eastern District Court of Virginia.” He goes on to add: “They are prominent names. It’s not a matter of IF but when. It’s a bit of a logistical issue for those involved, and continuity. There are others in the pipeline. Many others, in the teens. Anyone who’s been a Fed will tell you we snatch the smallest of fishies first, flip them if we can & work up the chain. Think asymmetrical warfare again. POTUS Fat Kid goes wheels up tomorrow. Divide, isolate his cabal.” (source)

Portions of his assertions, such as the Eastern District of Virginia’s involvement and the number of target individuals being ultimately being in double digits, have been corroborated by either authorities or pundits with track records we know are proven. So let’s put a pin in this one and, if things do indeed play out during Trump’s overseas trip as Broadsword Six is describing, then we’ll know going forward that he’s working with reliable inside intel.

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