America’s Autocannibalism

America is consuming itself through the perceived rights of the 1st and 2nd Amendments. The physical carnage comes from the latter, where the founders of a proto nation laid a foundation for the welfare of her citizens. Tweaked over more recent times, but now manifest in for all intents, weapons of war.

That so oft imagined militia of all good men, to protect themselves from ever having to empty chests of tea, now protecting themselves from each other or the perceived bogeymen of their own governance. So now a prorata per capita ownership weighs each and every American down with a gun, then drowns them in a sea of ammunition. Each gun from a street corner ‘gun fair,’ each mega clip after another, each military grade weapon of war, dements the psyche and erodes the freedoms of a land once free.

Failed legislation, lax legislation, lack of legislation, fuels the fears of loss of rights, of loss of freedom along with fears of safety and security. Each massacre plays out on the screens, consumes more of the preciousness of the American Experiment as it sears into hearts and souls. Yet the minds of America is where the chain can be broken. So why is it not? It is spurred on by an anachronistic dinosaur, with a ‘John Wayneesque’ name steeped in infamy and blood. Chastened by fear of the enemy.

Not that it is an enemy from without, but of fellow family within. Fellow Americans, peoples of a nation at war with itself, such that it consumes itself in a charnel house of slavish adherence to a fear, one that has not truly existed since King George marched his troops down from the hills and back across that shining sea to Britain.

Alliterative Polymath, Creative, Thinker and Broadcaster.