Donald Trump’s ‘four hundred pound hacker’ remark may have been about his own adviser Sam Clovis

During the debates, Donald Trump raised eyebrows when he tried to blame Russian interference in the election on a four hundred pound hacker. It was a bizarrely random and oddly specific remark, even by Trump’s bizarre standards, that it stood out as making no sense. In light of today’s events, Trump may have actually been referring to his own obese campaign adviser, who was incriminated today in Russian collusion.

The confession of former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos was released today, and in it he admitted to having colluded with a Kremlin-connected professor in an effort to get his hands on emails stolen from Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos also admitted that he ran it past his campaign supervisor, who has since been identified as Sam Clovis. This means that, according to Papadopoulos at least, Sam Clovis is a Russian colluder. Sam Clovis also weighs around four hundred pounds.

Clovis’ weight is not the issue here, and we’re not making fun of him for it. Rather, two things stand out. One is that Donald Trump is shallow enough to only see and define someone like Clovis by his weight; in fact he just made an inappropriate remark about the weight of children visiting the Oval Office this week. The other is that Trump consistently projects his own faults and crimes onto that of his opponents. By this time Trump would have known that the obese Clovis was colluding with Russia on his behalf, and he would have been projecting the notion of an obese Russian colluder onto the other side of the argument.

Donald Trump’s exact words were that the election hacker “could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds.” This came after Trump’s campaign adviser Sam Clovis had signed off on meeting with a Kremlin representative to try to obtain Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails. Draw your own conclusions.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report