The tables have been turned on Fox News

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Fox Non-News is the very definition of the word “smug.”

They regularly lie to their viewers. They pour money–large quantities of cash–into keeping alive the hate and the endless warring that has quite successfully driven so many Americans apart.

Their hosts are human caricatures, smug in their manipulation, secure in their avid hate speech, and prisoners of their greed and corruption as they take to the television nightly to wreak their hatred and havoc on hapless people everywhere.

Only a funny thing happened the other night. Instead of their usual smug manipulation of their guests, it was the hate network itself that was made to look like a fool–and it should happen more often, in my opinion.

It all started with Fox host Pete Hegseth. Hegseth is lesser-known than ingrates like Carlson and Hannity, but his Non-news persona is as strong as any of the cartoonish hosts.

Hegseth had a guest on his show. That guest was a Democrat by the name of James Talarico.

Talarico is from Texas and is one of the Democrats who fled the state to stop the voter suppression legislation.

Hegseth attempted to shame and demean his guest by talking AT him, not WITH him–in the usual bullshit Fox style.

An on-screen graph said the fleeing of the courageous Democrats was “a stunt.” Fair and balanced!

Only Talarico wasn’t having it because he proceeded to eviscerate the snooty Fox host.

“You have made a lot of money personally, and you’ve enriched a lot of corporations with advertising by getting on here and spewing lies,” Talarico said.

Then the sassy Texan offered the sneering host a choice.

“Tell your voters right now that Donald Trump lost the election.”

I’m in awe.

Of course, Hegseth did not do so.

“It’s not your show, sir,” the cowardly carnival barker exclaimed.

It is nice to see a Fox host get owned. Cheers to this wonderful Democrat, and here’s hoping we see more of this in the future.

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