Donald Trump goes into a “tailspin” as everything goes wrong for him at once

With his political scandals worsening by the minute and his criminal scandals threatening to finish him off entirely, Donald Trump now finds himself in a no-win situation: either shut down the government or give up on his border wall. Suffice it to say that, behind the scenes, Trump is in even more of a pickle than it appears from the outside.

If Donald Trump shuts down the government, mainstream Americans will conclude that he’s trying to take the country hostage in the hope of fending off his own ouster. If Trump agrees to a continuing resolution without getting funding for his wall, his racist base will turn against him. Trump can’t win either way. His exasperation is now spilling over, both publicly ad privately.

For instance, Trump posted this tweet this morning, all but admitting he’s simply a terrible negotiator: “When I begrudgingly signed the Omnibus Bill, I was promised the Wall and Border Security by leadership. Would be done by end of year (NOW). It didn’t happen!” Then New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted that according to her inside sources in the White House, Trump was in a “tailspin” because he wasn’t sure what to do.

This is a reminder that, in addition to the fact that he’s a sociopathic career criminal and traitor who rigged the election in his favor and isn’t even really the president, Donald Trump is also just plain crappy at trying to do this job. He’d be circling the drain for political reasons, even if he weren’t circling the drain for criminal reasons.