Ron DeSantis’ Lady MacBeth


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Some people actually refer to her as Lady Macbeth. And like the leading lady created by Shakespeare, she is known to be indomitable. She is undeniably beautiful. When she once showed up by her hapless husband’s side clad in a glowing golden dress, Republicans joy went into overdrive.

Some call her the brains behind all his campaigns. Many are afraid of her. She, in the spirit of Lady Macbeth, chills many. Her taste for vengeance is whispered about. Her ambition is well-known. She is Casey DeSantis — wife of Ron DeSantis.

The two met while playing golf and have been together ever since. It is said by many that Casey is more ambitious than her own husband.

She’s been through much. She is a breast cancer survivor. She is herself a former journalist. And she stands next to (never behind but next to) her husband at all times.

Casey DeSantis is a fascinating woman, and Politico recently did a story on her entitled: “The Casey DeSantis problem: His Greatest Asset and His Greatest Liability.”

In it, conversations with many anonymous sources are included. Many seem to fear Casey. People speak of her never forgetting a slight. They also speak of how Ron DeSantis never makes a decision without first conferring with her — and then, often, he changes his mind.

“She is every bit as involved in Ron’s rise as Ron is himself,” MSNBC analyst David Jolly says. Indeed, Casey appears to be Ron’s number one fan. However, many in this article express concern that her presence makes her husband MORE antisocial — not less.

It will be interesting going forward to see the role she plays in the presidential campaign.

As impressive as Casey DeSantis appears to be, one cannot make a leopard change their spots — not even Lady Macbeth can do that.

One can’t make apples out of oranges. And nobody can make a charmless, miserable man into a sizzling, charismatic candidate. And that’s the point.


DeSantis, no matter who rushes in where angels fear to tread, no matter who offers their help and their sage advice, Ron DeSantis is Ron DeSantis. And that is one problem even Lady Macbeth herself cannot solve.



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