New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to Donald Trump: you’ll have to deport me first

Even as Donald Trump talks of imminently carrying out his plan to round up and deport millions of undocumented immigrants who are doing no harm, he’s receiving pushback from state and local elected leaders across the nation who say they won’t work with him. Chief among them is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is stating that he himself will have to be deported before he allows Trump to deport any harmless immigrants in his state.

Andrew Cuomo pointed out during a speech in Harlem that his own famous father Mario Cuomo was the son of immigrants who came to America looking for the hope of a better life, which ultimately led to Andrew ascending to his current role of Governor of New York. His message on Sunday to Donald Trump: “If there is a move to deport immigrants then I say start with me.” Cuomo is also creating a special police unit to counter the spike in hate crimes in the state since the day Trump was named the winner of the election. And he’s far from the only elected official who is defiantly standing his ground against Trump’s policies.


The police chief of the LAPD has announced that he and his officers won’t lift a finger to help Donald Trump in his effort to round up undocumented immigrants. The chief says that unless an individual does something to specifically warrant being detained or investigated by the police, his officers will not simply grab up people whom they think “look” like immigrants – even though that’s what Trump’s plan would entail.

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