Nancy Pelosi reveals Democrats’ plan for taking down Rudy Giuliani

Cable news outlets may have conveniently forgotten that Rudy Giuliani bragged about having advance knowledge of the FBI’s plan to interfere with the 2016 election, but most those who voted for Hillary Clinton haven’t forgotten at all. And now that Donald Trump has been declared the “winner” by the Electoral College in what was actually a multimillion vote victory for Clinton, it turns out Nancy Pelosi has a plan for taking down Giuliani.

Donald Trump is widely rumored to be planning to nominate Rudy Giuliani for a cabinet position. There had been some external buzz about him being a pick for Secretary of State, though the trade winds now appear to be blowing in a different direction for that position. But with Giuliani being such a close confidant of Trump, and with Trump having such a hard time finding qualified people who are willing to take his top positions, it seems a given that Rudy will be nominated for one cabinet position or another.


Although Nancy Pelosi is the Democratic minority leader in the House, and such confirmations will instead pass through the Senate, she’s already publicly pointing to those hearings as an opportunity for the Democrats to take down Rudy Giuliani. Not only does she appear to be steering Senate Democrats toward exposing why he knew that the FBI was going to intervene before it did, he’ll also be grilled on his consulting work with two foreign nations. The latter point may be why Trump appears to have now moved on from Giuliani for Secretary of State. But he’ll likely be nominated for something, and when that happens, the Democrats will use it to try to expose his seemingly fraudulent role in the 2016 election in the process.

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