Math “error” in Wisconsin county hints at how state may have been rigged for Donald Trump

Even as officials in Wisconsin say they’re preparing for a recount of the state’s 2016 presidential election result, the question now turns to what they might find as they reexamine the supposed voting tallies which handed the victory to Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton by just barely twenty thousand votes statewide. Those looking for hope that the recount may flip the state in Clinton’s favor need look no further than one Wisconsin county which has already been caught posting impossible voting totals, and the reason why it’s already had to revise that total in Clinton’s favor.

Even as stunned observers pored over the Wisconsin election results and attempted to determine how Republican nominee Trump could possibly have won a state that nearly always goes to the Democrat in presidential election regardless of the national result, some glaring numbers stood out. Three precincts in Outagamie County had each reported totals that showed more votes cast in the presidential contest than votes cast period. That’s not just unlikely; it’s impossible by definition.

Sure enough, after the internet cried foul at the totals, Outagamie looked into the matter and determined that more than a thousand imaginary votes had been credited to Donald Trump – and proceeded to take those votes off the board, as first noted by Fast Company’s Dan Solomon. Notably, county officials determined that Hillary Clinton’s vote totals in those three precincts had been right on the nose to begin with.

In other words, by honest incompetence or by intentional fraud, these the Wisconsin precincts alone managed to give Donald Trump more than a thousand of the roughly twenty thousand votes he supposedly won the state by. What stands out here is that this would have gone unchecked if not for the fact that the extra “votes” in Trump’s favor just happened to push the presidential vote totals above the overall vote totals in those three precincts.

What are the odds that these three precincts in Outagamie all coincidentally erred severely in Trump’s favor by honest mistake? Is it more likely that this was a coordinated effort on the part of individual workers at each precinct who had figured out how to pad Trump’s vote totals in a manner which no one else at the precinct would have caught onto? If so, how many Wisconsin precincts used this tactic across the state? After all, these three only got caught because their shift just happened to result in numbers that were literally impossible. If this same vote-padding tactic was used at other Wisconsin precincts in order to put Trump over the top, the statewide recount should catch and reverse all of it. It’s what makes the impending Wisconsin recount so intriguing.

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