Jim Jordan’s “Real America” meltdown gives something away

After a disturbing number of college football games were played this past weekend without vaccines mandates in place for attendees, House Republican and all around piece of garbage Jim Jordan declared that “Real America is done” with COVID.

It’s one thing for a pundit to talk this way. But Jim Jordan is an elected representative of the federal government. While he was only elected to represent his own district, he’s in position to make laws for the entire nation.

So if Jim Jordan thinks that only some of us count as “Real America” then he has no business serving in the federal government and he should resign immediately. In fact most “real” Americans would probably like to see Jordan in prison for his role in the January 6th insurrection.

Come to think of it, Jim Jordan seems to be escalating his divisive rhetoric in response to the January 6th Committee coming closer to obtaining his phone records from that day. Jordan appears to be giving away his own guilt.

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