Jack Smith strikes back

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Hunting is a sport that repulses me. I look at people like Donald Trump Junior with repulsion. There are lots of activities in the world that do not involve causing pain to our outdoor friends. But there is one type of hunter I adore; one type of hunter who is nimble and quick, and who usually gets his man. I refer to Jack Smith.

Smith is wasting no time at all in fighting Donald Trump’s motion to delay his trial. In a blistering response, Smith’s answer to Trump’s motion is a true beauty:

“Defendants claim that this court could not select an impartial jury until after the presidential election does not justify further delay here.”

“Our Jury system relies on the Court’s authority to craft a thorough and effective jury selection process and on prospective jurors’ ability and willingness to decide cases based on the evidence presented to them, guided by legal instructions from the court.”

Damn, he’s good. Here’s more:

“The demands of the defendant’s professional schedules do not provide a basis to delay the trial in this case. Many indicted defendants have demanding jobs that require a considerable amount of their time and energy, or a significant amount of travel.”

“The Speedy Trial Act contemplates no such factor as a basis for a continuance, and the court should not indulge it here.”

This whole fiery response is heart-warming. We’ve got a Prosecutor who understands Trump, inside and out. He takes no prisoners (except perhaps for Trump), and he clearly knows not just the law but the conniving mind of a sociopath as well, particularly one like Trump, who lies on a regular basis.

Smith, who I’ve nicknamed Mr. Cool, is Trump’s opposite in every way. He’s cool as a cucumber, never lets his emotions take over, and has his eyes on his quarry constantly. He works with cool precision, and America could not ask for a better, cooler, smarter, more focused Prosecutor than Mr. Cool, aka Jack Smith.

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