FBI agents descend on offshore casino run by Donald Trump business partner and campaign adviser

Just one day after the FBI arrested ten people in New York City with alleged indirect ties to Donald Trump and a Russian mafia figure (link), now the Feds are hitting closer to home for Trump by heading offshore. FBI agents descended today on a casino on the U.S. island territory of Saipan, which just happens to be run by a longtime Trump business partner and a former Trump campaign adviser.

According to a Bloomberg report, FBI agents entered the Saipan casino in a joint action with local authorities. A local politician characterized the action as an “investigation or raid” of the property (link). The casino is run by Mark Brown, who according to a prior Forbes article is a longtime protege of Donald Trump (link). In fact Brown is the former CEO of Trump Hotels and Casinos, which went on to file for bankruptcy three times. But Brown isn’t the only direct Trump connection to the property.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey, who was a foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump during his campaign and part of his transition period, is on the board of directors of that same casino. That means two people with close ties to Trump, one of them financial and one of them political, just saw their casino raided by the Feds.

There is no way to be certain that the FBI raid of the casino is part of its ongoing investigation into the Donald Trump campaign. However the timing is notable for two reasons. One is the aforementioned FBI arrest yesterday of the ten people in New York who have the alleged ties to Trump and Russia. The other is that James Woolsey publicly came clean just a few days ago about illegal activities he overheard while attending a Trump campaign meeting with Mike Flynn and Turkey (link), suggesting that Woolsey may now be cooperating with the Feds. Contribute to Palmer Report

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