Donald Trump’s impossibly strong support in Wisconsin counties that used electronic voting

With a statewide recount in Wisconsin just days away from getting underway, observers have already exposed a number of suspicious results and developments. For instance various precincts have already voluntarily taken nearly five thousand votes off the board for Donald Trump that had been padded to his totals across various precincts on election night. And now a researcher with a Ph. D from Stanford has discovered a different kind of anomaly: in the counties where electronic voting machines were used, Trump’s support was almost impossibly high.

The findings, published by Dr. Rodolfo Cortes and his research partner Axel Geisel, mathematically analyzed the voting results for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump across every Wisconsin County. Trump performed far better in the counties that used electronic voting machines as compared to the counties which used paper ballots. But even after the researchers developed formulas to adjust those numbers based on demographic factors such as ethnicity and education, based on how Trump and Clinton performed with those demographics overall.

Their conclusion: “Even when taking factors such as ethnicity and education into account, counties that use electronic voting machines showed higher support for Trump than counties that only use paper ballots.” And that shouldn’t be legitimately possible given that, once the other factors are mathematically accounted for, the only remaining differentiator is that some Wisconsin counties used electronic voting and others used paper ballots. In other words, were the machines indeed hacked in Trump’s favor? Their full research and methodology and findings are worth examining – particularly ahead of the Wisconsin recount.

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