Bon voyage Marco Rubio

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This article is about ignorance. The ignorance of Marco Rubio. “Ignorance is bliss.” For little Marco, this saying applies perfectly. Rubio often wears the mask of frightened, ignorant child. Watch him sometime. He often looks surprised when talking. He pretends that he doesn’t know what is happening in our country — how Maga is tearing it apart.

Some politicians like Josh Hawley choose defiance — like fist-raising insurrectionists. Not Rubio, though. Rubio is a little worm of a man. His thing is blissful ignorance. And that is what makes him SO very beatable.

You see, little Marco is under fire right now. He is under fire because he turned on brightly his blissful ignorance and said something so inherently stupid that even for him, eyebrows were raised.

There is a House Bill that aims to codify same-sex marriage. And CNN’s Manu Raju spoke to Rubio about this bill. Rubio won’t be voting for it. It was then that Rubio made this stunning ignorant comment: He called the marriage bill “a waste of time.”

It really is difficult to believe this man ever got elected in the first place. Rubio’s ignorance can be used against him because the man is SO blissfully ignorant he never thinks before he speaks. And in this case, not thinking before speaking earned him a great deal of mocking on Twitter:

“Marco Rubio is an idiot.”

“How very Christian of him.”

“Waste of time was his secret service code name.”

‘Bible verse incoming.”

“Vote for Val!”

“Telling us what he is.”

“In fairness, Mac thinks showing up for work is also a waste of time.”

This story is bad news for little Marco. He is in the fight of his life against Val Demings, and he needs to lose his Senate seat. Val Demings does not practice blissful ignorance. She is a former Police chief, a kind and strong woman who we need to elect as the next Floridian Senator. Please volunteer to help her. Let’s say goodbye to Rubio and his ignorant nature once and for all.

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