Yet another disgusting Republican lie

The Democrats back the Blue. I must make this statement because for so long, the Republicans fostered a narrative that Democrats did not. That is not true, and it never was.

What the Democratic party supports is Police reform. We do not want to defund the Police. We do not see Police as our enemy. Indeed, we recognize the heroics of the Police. Sure, there are some bad apples. This is true in any profession.

But what we can never do is let the Republicans hijack this narrative again. The heroics of the Police on January 6 are extraordinary. We can never forget them. Their bravery and their courage saved many lives that tragic day. We will remember all of them, including the fallen, as heroes.

But it is the Republicans who do not “back the blue,” as they like to call it. The savagery of the Trump crowd killed Officer Brian Sicknick. Several other officers committed suicide in the days following the attack.

One would think if the Republicans cared anything at all about “backing the blue,” they would be live-tweeting about the actions taken by the officers and offering their gratitude. Instead, many Republicans seem to be more interested in texting, doodling, propping up their feet, and looking bored and blaming Democrats for all the world’s problems. I sure have not heard much from many of the Republicans about the Police.

And lastly, there is Officer Eugene Goodman. Goodman is a hero. He saved countless lives, including, as we now know, Senator Mitt Romney. Goodman’s actions are award-worthy and will always be remembered. It is a myth that Democrats never backed the Police, just like it is a myth that Republicans are the party of the Police. We can never let them steal this narrative again.

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