Yes, Donald Trump will be going to prison

There should be a contest among Republicans for the Worst Human on Earth Award. Marge Greene is certainly a runner-up. Then there’s Erik Prince, the former Blackwater thug whose new company seems to be profiting off the genocide in China and whose fingers seem to be in the cake that concerns spying on the FBI. These awful people have described January 6th as a “normal tourist visit” and defended it by proclaiming it wasn’t that bad because they didn’t have guns. Of course, Trump wins in every category in this contest.

He’s hard to beat, but that doesn’t mean his people aren’t going to give it the college try. When Trump was first appointing his administration, one reporter commented that it was like he was purposefully selecting the worst person possible for each cabinet post.

These were more rational times and the reporter was obviously being facetious. Now that we know he had no interest in being our President but only wanted a corrupt power grab, his poor choices for cabinet posts seem obvious. Corruption and lies will be elevated to benefit the anointed few, truth and honesty will be punished in order to harm the many. Now that the Republican Party has fully embraced Trumpism even without Trump, we can’t let our guard down.


In 2022, we will have to tear out all the stops in order to retain the House and Senate. We’ve put our country on the right track and we have to complete the work. These liars need to be exposed; these criminals need to be put away for their crimes. People who once voted for Trump need the time to wake up and see what a debacle their foolish votes have wrought. Yes, Trump will be going to prison and that will help a lot. But as we’ve seen from past elections, the latest being Georgia, smaller races have an enormous effect. Stay vigilant.

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