Yes, Donald Trump is going to prison

Many of you know I sometimes use analogies in my writing. I do not always do so, but often I do. And I am about to use one now. Only once before have I brought this man’s name up in reference to the former guy. But I think it is essential to do so. But first, I feel the primordial urge to shout from the rooftops: LOCK. HIM. UP.

I speak, of course, of the former guy. But a long time ago, there was another beast of a man. He left a trail of death and mayhem. And he never once touched any of his victims. That man’s name was Charles Manson. The similarities are too strong to ignore.

Like the former guy, Manson was head of a cult. And he also had a heart filled with rancid hate and malevolent rage. Manson wanted to hurt and kill, and he did. But he didn’t do it himself.

Instead, he lulled his cult members, turned them against society, and like the good foot soldiers they were, they marched into battle to fight people who had done nothing except earning the ire of Manson.

The ensuing tragedy has never left us. Even now, it feels raw. Manson was prosecuted by an extraordinary attorney, one Vincent Bugliosi. He was found guilty. Manson was convicted in 1971 and remained in prison until his death. How can we overlook the glaring similarities between that horrific case and January Sixth?

It is my belief the former guy would have welcomed even more violence. Like Manson, he never laid a hand on anyone in the Capitol. Also, like Manson, he had his faithful followers do it for him.

They had their marching orders, and believe me, my friends, they marched. They were nothing more than wind-up dolls, carefully groomed and shaped by the venomous teachings of their dear leader.

That the former guy will go to prison is absolute. But I cannot say with certainty that he will be prosecuted for the wicked crime of starting an insurrection. I hope he is. I think he should be. Because as long as he walks free, he remains an ever-present danger to society.

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