Wouldn’t want to be Kevin McCarthy right now

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I would not want to be Kevin McCarthy right now. McCarthy (failing and knows it, insurrection party, California) is having a no-good terrible week.

It seems to be one thing after the other for the hapless Kev. He was entirely out of his element with Warrior Pelosi, who outfoxed him on the January 6 commission and did it with her usual class.

Then there was his disastrous media appearance where he idiotically said nobody takes this commission seriously. It is also being reported that a furious McCarthy threatened to yank the committee assignments of any in his caucus who dared to join the January 6 commission.

THIS is the guy who wants to be House Speaker. But, wait. It gets worse. House Democrats have signed a letter asking Kev to take action on nobody’s favorite insurrection supporter, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“These behaviors only appear to be escalating,” the letter says in part. This letter reiterates that Greene is creating an “unsafe work environment” for members.

The letter also says they believe Greene’s actions could lead to violence: Rep. Greene’s conduct does not comport with what we expect from a member of the House of Representatives,” the letter goes on.

Indeed it doesn’t. I’d say Greene’s behavior is more aligned with the Klan than with Congress. This woman is dangerous and is a waste of space. Now the question is–what will McCarthy do about it?

My guess is nothing. Little things like violence and mayhem do not seem to bother Kev. If Greene ever apologized or befriended a Democrat, that might be enough for movement on McCarthy’s part. (Not that Greene would ever do that.)

I will end this article with a bold prediction: I do not believe McCarthy will ever be the speaker. We will win in 2022, but even if we didn’t? McCarthy is over. Nobody in politics respects a coward, and Kev’s utterly panic-stricken behavior has destroyed him. Chalk another one up to MAGA.

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