What Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are really up to


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There is a very clear through line connecting Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz’s theocratic worldview and the incitement of Trump followers to storm the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Before he was a Senator, according to the New York Times, Hawley encouraged the right-wing activist group, American Renewal Project, in 2017, “to take the lordship of Christ, that message, into the public realm, and to seek the obedience of the nations. Of our nation!”

That pretty much sums up the political agenda of the religious right. They aren’t in the political arena to ensure that freedom of worship is extended to all faiths. Rather, they embrace the theology of dominionism, which seeks to make their own beliefs the law of the land.

Senator Ted Cruz is no stranger to domonionism. His itinerant preacher dad believes Ted’s winning his Senate seat is in fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and that God is raising up Christian kings to rule America.

The Washington-based Council for National Policy, a secretive, well-funded Christian conservative group that was founded with dominionism as its philosophical underpinnings, supported Cruz’s 2016 presidential run, and later the presidency of Donald Trump. The Washington Post recently reported that CNP members were among those who organized the rallies that preceded the violent revolt at the Capitol.

It is no wonder, then, that Hawley would raise a clenched fist to the mob outside the Capitol as he was on his way to join Ted Cruz in a brazen attempt to install Donald Trump as their king by overturning a free and fair election.

Nor is it any wonder that the lynch mob — which had erected a gallows outside the U.S. Capitol Building — would storm the seat of democracy with calls to “Hang Mike Pence” when it appeared that things weren’t going their way.


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