Val Demings has Marco Rubio on the run

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Val Demings is a star. Demings (hopefully our next Floridian Senator) has long been popular. And now that she’s running against Marco Rubio (cowardly little man-insurrection party-Florida), this race has become exciting.

Florida has long been a swing state. It’s not a red state despite what various Republican members try to say. In reality, we can unseat both Senator Rubio and Governor DeSantis. We just need the right candidates.

And Demings is the right candidate to take on Rubio. I doubt there is anyone better for this role than Demings. And I am not the only one who thinks this. Just ask David Plouffe, Former President Obama’s campaign manager.

Appearing on MSNBC, Plouffe had lots to say about the race. And he thinks Demings has an excellent chance. He nailed down why she is such a great candidate-and why Rubio is not. “Marco Rubio seems afraid of everything. Val Demings seems afraid of nothing,” Plouffe said.

And there it is. Rubio has had some success, but he has had to evade and sidestep to achieve this success. He will never be able to do this with Demings. You’d better believe she will hold his feet to the fire in just about every way conceivable.

And that is Rubio’s weakness. He is not good at speaking off the cuff. He can memorize talking points and look pious while repeating said talking points. But he hides behind his words, and he is afraid of everything, just like Plouffe said.

Demings will force Rubio to answer questions honestly. Rubio most likely will try to equivocate. He cannot take any position that will anger the former guy, but he also will have to appeal to the middle. This race is going to be electric. It will be exciting, and hopefully, at the end of the day, we will be sending Senator Demings to Washington DC.

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