Tucker Carlson’s worst day yet

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Tucker Carlson needs to be canceled. I start this article with an admission. Specific news stories just make one a little sick. This story is it for me. And I know many of you are tired of hearing about Tucker. But his behavior must be discussed. People need to be aware. The more people who are aware, the more people can contact his advertisers.

But yes, this story is filled with hate and vitriol. I wish it had never happened. But it did.

The other night on Fox Non-News, Tucker Carlson went crazy as usual. And his psychotic energy has found a new target. That target is General Mark Milley. Tucker was outraged by Milley’s knowledgeable and eloquent speech. So Tucker, who is neither knowledgeable nor eloquent, attacked the General. He called him stupid. He called him not brave. He also called him “a pig.”

As I said, this whole story makes me sick. General Milley is a hero. He is an extraordinary man. But now, because of Tucker’s actions, many cult members of MAGA will most likely start to hate the great General. Why? Because Tucker Carlson told them to.

We need to get this poor excuse for a human being off the air. I ask any who are able to email Fox. I ask people to email his advertisers. I ask you to push back. This, for me, is the worst Tucker has gone. One just does not do this sort of thing. It is, in fact, not new. Fox has attacked Military members before, going back years.

Consider John Kerry and the “Swiftboat Veterans for Truth.” Consider the Republican Convention during Kerry’s Presidential run where the GOP mocked him by jokingly giving out fake purple hearts at said convention. But Tucker is an ongoing threat. And we must push back with everything we have.

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