Tom Cotton completely humiliates himself at CPAC

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Folks, today is the day CPAC kicks off. This far-right Conference of loony Republicans promises to be even more insane than usual this year as one Donald Trump is the keynote speaker. That alone shows you how deranged this conference will be because the only place that Trump should be speaking at is a prison.

However, other lunatics are speaking at this pathetic convention besides Trump. And one of them is Senator Tom Cotton.

A few days ago, Palmer Report brought you the story of how Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas cannot do basic math. Cotton wanted to raise the minimum wage to $10.00 per hour, but he was seemingly unaware that his state’s minimum wage is already $11.00 an hour. Give the man a cigar!

Well, now we find that Cotton is also terrible at history. It does make one wonder how the man ever graduated High School. But Cotton spoke at CPAC today. His speech was mostly Republican talking points like how dare Democrats disrespect the flag and other meaningless garbage. Still, one line stood out to me and showed Cotton’s incompetence at History.

Cotton, speaking before a room of (probably drooling) Trump sycophants, declared the election of 2020 was “one of the best elections we’ve ever had.” I am not making this up, and you are not in the twilight zone. Cotton said this. Worse, he got a round of loud applause for the comment.

Hello? The Republicans failed to win the House. They lost the Senate. They lost the Presidency. And they also lost their minds. This is their idea of one of their best elections? Senator Cotton has issues, as do most Republicans, but this is a reminder that the Sedition party stands for nothing, has zero policies, and may have to deal with being the minority party for a long time to come.

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