This worsening Matt Gaetz story is enough to make your head spin

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My head is spinning right now. I am in shock as I try to process the unbelievable news that Tucker Carlson and I agree on something! I know that is hard to believe. After all, I do consider myself sane. And Tucker is many things but sane and rational are not characteristics one can attribute to the Fake News host.

So, let me start with a quote. “Democracy dies in darkness” is the slogan of the Washington Post. It is a great slogan, but I’d also say Democracy dies with fake news and Insurrectionist Republicans. And one of those is Congressman Matt Gaetz.

As we all know, Gaetz lost his shit on Tucker’s program the other night. If “Democracy dies in darkness”, Neurosis and quackery spring alive in Congressman Gaetz. And watching his interview with Tucker was something else.

Besides denying accusations (and including denials about things he has not yet been accused of), Gaetz tried to con America. If you watch this segment, you can see Tucker ask Gaetz when this investigation originated.

Watch how hard Gaetz struggles not to answer the question. He surely does not want the viewing public to know it originated during the Trump administration. He damn well tries his best to throw the blame on Biden’s Justice Department, proving again he’s an idiot.

I have no idea what might or might not be true regarding Gaetz. I also have no idea why he chose to channel “The Exorcist” and act like he was possessed.

And now we come to Tucker. After the interview, Tucker said it was one of the “weirdest” interviews he’d ever conducted. I agree! Like it or not, I can now say I have agreed with Tucker on…something. If I were Gaetz, I’d really stop talking, but he is a Super MAGA, so do not count on that anytime soon.

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