This is what winning looks like

Republicans love to weaponize words. They will say anything to keep the steady stream of lies feeding the flames of their delusional base to stay in power. Pundits on the right and left fuel the fire with doomsday narratives about how Democrats aren’t doing anything. That’s absurd. No president has done more in the first year than Biden, using executive orders, and working with Congress – after Democrats pulled off a win to gain a slim majority in the Senate – to pass massive bipartisan COVID relief and infrastructure packages, which have put the economy and the country back on course.

But Republicans continue their subversive tactics toward the destruction of democracy. They are on the verge of gutting Roe v Wade in a dozen states with their so-called pro-life rhetoric, while fueling gun violence and domestic terrorism.

California’s Democratic governor Gavin Newsom announced several moves that have the left giddy with excitement. But while Newsom’s tactics may provide some much-needed positivity for Democrats, it will not stem the GOP red tide of destruction. The governor plans to enact anti-gun legislation in California modeled on the very language of the Texas abortion law, making it easier for private citizens to sue people who sell assault rifles and parts for untraceable ghost funs. Newsom also announced that California will be a sanctuary for women with unplanned pregnancies who live in red states.

Newsom has proven masterful in combatting Republican attacks, having navigated a terrifying recall attempt earlier this year. If a Republican governor had won that recall, California would likely have begun anti-abortion, pro-gun, and voter disenfranchisement legislation. Instead, Newsom rallied Democrats nationally to spread the word and get voters to the polls resulting in a decisive win.

But we must push back om mainstream media for misrepresenting the efforts by Democrats. Not making the news was the Texas judge who ruled that the abortion bill allowing citizens to enforce the law as unconstitutional. Also not in the news is VP Kamala Harris’ milestone tiebreaking votes in the Senate.


We are righting the ship with Biden and the Democrats at the helm. But we must tune out the mainstream media doom and gloom and stay the course. We must expand our majority in the Senate and hold the House. There is much hard work to be done and there are no magic wands.

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