This is just ugly for Rudy Giuliani


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Many people, particularly those in politics, are concerned about leaving a legacy. These people want to make sure their place in history is secure.

In many cases, it works. One good example is former President Obama. He will be remembered fondly throughout time as an excellent president, an orator of the highest caliber, and the man who got Osama bin Laden.

Hundreds of years from now, curious students will come to learn about him. Brilliant historians will write about him, about Obamacare, and the charismatic president’s place in history.

And then there are others for whom history is their enemy. Because history suffers no fools, and if one screws up, they can be assured it will be duly noted in the archives of history. This is the case for Rudy Giuliani.

One could argue forever about what turned the former Mayor into a joke in time. Many say he was always like this. Others say he has gone into senility. Yet, the cause is neither here nor there. The fact is Rudy has screwed up badly, ensuring that his legacy will not be of the admiring type.

And every week, he seems to be making things worse for himself. It is now being reported that the former Mayor has joined Cameo. For those not familiar with Cameo, it is a place where people receive personalized video messages from celebrities.

I’d hesitate to call Rudy a celebrity. I would not hesitate to call him an insurrectionist supporter. But this is pitiful. It’s a sharp comedown for the former Mayor.

Of course, the people who want the message must pay up. What would be the point otherwise? And since many reports say that Rudy is broke, it perhaps is a good way for him to get some of his attorney fees paid. The price to hear from the embittered man? Well, they begin at $199.


This move is just sad, but it shows a portrait of a man who has alienated just about everybody. His law license is gone. Nobody takes him seriously anymore. The former guy has abandoned him. And now he is forced to beg for money on Cameo. No, history will not be kind to New York’s former Mayor.


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