This is just ugly for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

From the very start, Iowa GQP Governor Kim “CovidKim” Reynolds and her GQP enablers in the legislature have dreadfully mismanaged the COVID-19 pandemic. From refusing to make real efforts to manage the pandemic and forced schools to go back to in person learning even when unsafe to do so. I could go on for quite a while, and I have covered a lot of these before.

Well now CovidKim has returned $95 million dollars in Federal aid that was part of the American Rescue Plan passed back in March. This money was intended to help schools with surveillance COVID-19 testing. She spewed some liquid manure on Faux News about how the President thought that the pandemic had just started, and that Iowa didn’t need the money since Iowa had forced schools to reopen last year. As opposed to the Orange Florida Man (OFM) she worships, who pretended the pandemic never existed in the first place.

Iowa Senate Minority Leader Zach Wahls said, “Returning federal relief money is like drilling holes in a sinking boat.” He pointed out how the money would have been used to help keep students and school staff safe and keep individual cases from spreading. State Auditor Rob Sand pointed out that the money would have created jobs and that people would put the money they earned back into the community.

CovidKim is the 50th best governor in this country. She’s more interested in worshipping OFM and scoring political points instead of doing right by the people of Iowa. Instead of working with President Biden to put this crisis behind us, she’s doing everything she can to make it worse. The return of the relief funding is further proof of this.

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