This is just ugly for Donald Trump and Mark Meadows

The Senate Judiciary Committee has just issued a scathing report detailing the criminal attempts of the former guy Donald Trump to compel the Department of Justice to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The report stated: “In attempting to enlist DOJ for personal, political purposes in an effort to maintain his hold on the White House, Trump grossly abused the power of the presidency.”

TFG and his chief of staff Mark Meadows led a White House effort to apply constant daily pressure on senior Justice Department officials to start a bogus election fraud investigation and make a false public statement that the election was corrupt, in order to have the victory of Joe Biden declared null and void.

Fortunately, the senior Justice Department officials did not join the nefarious plot of Boss Trump. In fact, a threatened revolt and mass resignation of Justice Department officials in protest of the White House pressure tactics caused the Con-in-Chief to stop further attempts to bully the DOJ to into playing along with his Big Lie campaign.


This series of events shows exactly what happens when a bully like TFG is confronted by people with backbone and principles: he backs down like the coward he is and seeks others to con into doing his dirty work.

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