This is just embarrassing for Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves

Mississippi gets so much flak. I do feel a bit sorry for the state. They rank very high on the issue of poverty. They also rank quite high on COVID infections. Mississippi is actually a bewitchingly beautiful state.

And there are many good people there. But Mississippi’s Governor is not one of them. Tate Reeves. Remember that name. Why? Because the man is doing a serious disservice to Mississippians right now. He is making folks like Lindsay Graham look brilliant — not an easy task to accomplish.

Appearing on CNN, Reeves was interviewed by Jake Tapper. And of course Reeves was asked about COVID since Mississippi is kind of struggling right now in that regard. (Sarcasm.) The man couldn’t answer any of Tapper’s questions. He came off as bored and annoyed.

He also attempted to defend the numbers in his state by arguing earnestly that people should be looking at other states like West Virginia and Kentucky. Excuse me but WHAT do other states have to do with the Governor’s state?

Is there a contest going on? Is there a new reality tv show called “My state is better than your state?” I do indeed feel for Mississippi and my heart goes out to them having such an idiotic Governor.

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