This is going to get a whole lot uglier for Donald Trump and the Trump Organization

The Grand Jury of New York County’s first indictment resulting from the investigation of the former guy and his long and well-known pattern of criminal activity was welcome and long awaited, but the fun continues with further indictments and charges to follow.

The fact that the former guy was not a named defendant, per se, has created told-you-so’s by the the doomsday crowd of Trump naysayers, and his crazy celebrating cult, both claiming Trump will never be punished for his sins, as well as those even crazier who claim Trump never sinned at all, despite the fact that Trump is named as the beneficial owner of named defendant, The Trump Organization, his core business, and the other defendant, CFO Allen Weisselberg, has long been Trump’s partner in crime.

This first indictment states defendants’ scheme was to compensate Allen Weisselberg, and “other” Trump executives and employees, off-the-books in various manners, in order to avoid taxes all around. “Others” identified include an unnamed Weisselberg family member Trump employed (presumably Allen’s son, Barry).

So why wasn’t Barry a named defendant? With his ex-wife Jennifer cooperating, it’s possible the DA has even more on him that is still being investigated. He could also be secretly cooperating, seeking revenge for his father and a deal for himself, which might explain why his father has not yet cooperated. Jennifer is limited on what she can say now, but at one time appeared certain Allen would flip to save his sons — now she’s somewhat backtracked. Barry’s knowledge of Trump’s crimes might be limited, but I can definitely see Trump bragging to him about them, or fishing for compliments for giving Barry “the extras.”

It’s highly likely Trump’s kids were getting paid off-the-books in creative ways as well. Some of it could be claimed as gifts but it has also been reported that Ivanka was paid consultation fees, illegally written off as business expenses since she was already on the payroll. My gut tells me she would throw Daddy under the bus in a heartbeat. Trump should fear more nails being driven into his coffin by the next generation of Trumps and Weisselbergs, but Trump’s kids greatly benefited and have been complicit in more ways than one, including in his crimes of the presidency. They should not get full immunity regardless.


Mary Trump pointed out nothing was ever enough for her miserable uncle, but he will soon learn more than he has ever known about true suffering. If he lives that long, Trump’s grifting days will inevitably be limited to being pent up with no diet coke and eating bologna sandwiches, trying to grift other cons and cultish, lonely-hearted pen-pals.

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