This is embarrassing for Fox News

Brainwashing can be done in many different ways. It can be a long-term and subtle process. Other times it is a loud and angry process — a rageful spectacle designed to fill the subjects of this brainwashing with a feeling of enveloping fury. Fox Non-News would fall into the second category.

Over the years, the hate network has become worse and worse. But now it has hit its peak. I feel it is important to highlight a bit of what is precisely being said because no doubt you will be hearing this garbage in the days and weeks to come.

There is a weekend show on Fox called The Next Revolution which Steve Hilton hosts. It’s a grim show, filled to the brim with misinformation, conspiracy theories, and propaganda. Wanting to see what was going on in the enemy camp, I settled in for a watch.

I had in mind an article. There really isn’t any other reason I would waste my time watching this junk. But I did figure — it’s only an hour. I couldn’t get through more then about 6 minutes. The propaganda is revolting to the point where I can’t see how any rational human could watch it.

And I should also say this: I dislike the term “enemy” to apply to the media. The former guy did it, and I am apprehensive about using it. But this time I decided to do it. The gag-worthy vitriol was nausea-inducing. So, here is a bit of what I saw:

President Biden is now “broken” and “defeated.”

He exploits people.

Biden jokes about the fallen and the dead.

He is feeble.

The administration may not be telling the truth about how many people we left behind.

“Do they really think we’re” going to fall for it?

There may be as many as 15,000 more people left there.

The former guy would never have done this.


Propaganda machine indeed. I felt like I was watching Russian television. Fox is dark, devious, and dangerous. I hope with all my soul, their ratings continue to fall and that no respectable journalist ever goes to work there.

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