Things get even uglier for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

The GQP only believes in small government when it suits their needs. Namely when they can use it to oppress and discriminate against others. Case in point? After passing and sending a voter suppression bill to Governor #CovidKim, the Iowa GQP Legislature is now looking at sending a bill to #CovidKim that would take away the ability of communities to pass source of income ordinances. Some of the large communities in Iowa, such as Des Moines and Iowa city have such ordinances.

Source of income ordinances prohibit landlords from discriminating against people who rely on public assistance. For years people on such assistance – including senior citizens and the disabled – have few safe housing options because landlords can discriminate against them until and after the cows come home. The reason for that is that low income is not a protected class in the US.

The Iowa Senate passed the bill on February 17 and now is awaiting action by the Iowa House. The Iowa GQP in the House will probably be falling over each other to pass this and send it to #CovidKim, who I have little doubt would sign it into law. The Iowa GQP claims to be Christian, but they act to oppress the poor despite such actions being peccata clamantia.

The 2021 Iowa legislative session has been a long train of abuses and usurpations against Iowans. I hope it motivates the people to get off their hinders and work to counteract the oppression of #CovidKim and the Iowa Legislature. Hopefully in 2022 we can send them all home.

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