These loons are getting even worse

This is not a happy story, but it is something that has been happening for quite some time. Scores of angry parents are showing up at school board meetings. These folks are enraged. They are sickened with fury and scorn. This all has to do with Covid, of course. And masks. And anger. Unfiltered anger.

School board members are receiving death threats. The people making these threats stand in a state of utter wildness, seemingly not understanding that their anger has been created for them by smug politicians who need their rage for these politicians’ own nefarious power games.

Lies and propaganda have reduced parents and neighbors to human puppets swollen with smoldering rage – over something they don’t even understand. These parents are infuriated. Their eyes dart about in anger. Their mouths spew out words, many of which they most likely could not even have imagined themselves saying at one point.

They are being used. They are pawns in a game they cannot even begin to understand. Their critical thinking skills have been sidelined and replaced with fury and hate—deep and dark hatred, as dark as the night sky.

But now, it has gotten to the point where school board members are quitting. Parents are afraid to attend these meetings, as they do not wish to be shouted at and threatened just for loving their children and trying to do right by them.

And that is precisely why the National School Boards Association has sent a letter to President Biden.

In it, they ask for help and tell of the fear they feel. They also explain they think — and I firmly agree — that what is happening amounts to “the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”

The letter references many specific incidents and asks for help from many different Federal agencies.

This is a profoundly troubling story and one that has slowly metastasized over the last few months. I feel — as I am confident that you do — very sad that it has come to this, and I am sure that our President will respond swiftly.


My heart goes out to all of these parents, school board members, and educators whose only crime appears to be loving their children.

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