The world turned upside down

My body; my choice. We heard it for years from those who sought women’s autonomy over their own medical choices. Now, it is seen on T-shirts worn by anti-vaxxers and heard from MAGA-dolts ingesting Ivermectin – a livestock de-worming medicine.
The world turned topsy-turvy.

Of course, to the women who seek self-autonomy, ‘My body; my choice’ does not put an onus on anyone. In point of fact, when that same slogan is reiterated by doltish anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers, it comes with a virulent sub-text. The unspoken emendation is this: ‘My body; my choice but your body, my choice’. Much like the old joke; ‘Heads I win; tails you lose.’

This is the banal foundation of fascism and authoritarianism. ‘You shall do what you are told. You shall be stuffed into my mold until the rights to you are sold.’ Thus wrote Frank Zappa in his comedy song, ‘I am the Slime’. Whatever your aspirations, they are as nothing to the desires of the authority, the Evangelical/ MAGA/GOP/Q group.

‘My way or the highway.’

The MAGA-dolts are very clear in their desire for authoritarian, fascist rule. What was the proto-MAGA response when a score of little children were gunned down at school in Newtown, Connecticut? In Parkland, Florida nearly a score more were killed by a psychotic gun-man. What was the response from the proto-MAGA GOP? Spoiler Alert! It was the same response given after Las Vegas, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Boulder, Orlando and far too many more multiple homicides; ‘F*ck your feelings. We need more guns!’

This same ‘all for me and none for thee’ stance is taken by the Right on every occasion. Expand health care? Naw. Ease the cost of higher education? What for? Food stamps? Serves the lazy. Universal Basic Income? A socialist nightmare!

The MAGA/GQP are sliding with maniacal glee into the deep abyss of fascism and insanity. To cite Zappa again, the MAGA-dolts are ‘not wrapped tight’; they have slipped the bonds of sanity and slid into a madness that wears a swastika and shouts ‘F*ck your feelings!’.

When the British surrendered at Yorktown, the band played ‘”The World Turn’d Upside Down”. Perhaps we need an anthem for when the Trumpian forces are finally defeated. We definitely need better mental health care for the psychotic MAGA-mutts.

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