The white middle class coup gets embarrassing

The events of January 6th were shocking but also preposterous. Veterans, police officers and your neighbor, many of whom have been deployed all over the world against dictatorships and autocrats, decided to make their way to Washington DC to try and bring that exact type of autocracy to the United States and declare their allegiance to one man. Yelling “this is OUR country this is OUR capitol!” They felt entitled, for good reason. A few local cops were seen taking selfies, opening doors, shaking hands and chatting. If that weren’t enough we begin to find out what type of folks participated.

Arrested: Jacob Chansley, requests organic food while in DC jail. Request granted and he is moved to a detention center in Virginia that accommodates his palate. Jenny Cudd, arrested and released but sends a request to the Judge to be allowed to attend a four day “bonding retreat” in Mexico, request granted, allowed to leave the country. Arrested: Larry Brock, retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, a respected combat veteran, incredibly, wore his wings to a government takeover. Arrested: Jason Hyland, flew to the insurrection on a private plane dubbed the “Patriot Flight”. Arrested: Gabriel Garcia, retired Army Captain, while livestreaming on Facebook is heard calling police officers “f—ing traitors.”

So why did your neighbor who hates it when ball players kneel for the pledge of allegiance get arrested for trying to overthrow a legally held election? Well the previous President was clever and never stopped holding “rallies” designed to validate what these grievance stricken “underprivileged” folks were feeling. What we’re left with is the head shaking hypocrisy of how wildly the face of terrorism has changed.

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