The walls are closing in on Matt Gaetz and he knows it

It can’t be an easy thing being Matt Gaetz right now (Insurrection Party-Florida). The Congressman is engulfed in scandal with his alleged partner in crime, Joel Greenberg, deciding to take a plea. And there seem to be new developments every hour.

Gaetz is in big trouble. He likely knows this, but even with everything he is facing, he seems to have decided to follow the Trump playbook and not resign. So he is acting defiant (and a bit deranged) and insisting on his innocence.

In the meantime, he’s becoming a punchline. And nobody understands this better than his home state. In Florida, a billboard has gone up. It has gone up on a popular street that receives many travelers. And the billboard says this: “Matt Gaetz wants to ‘date’ your child.”

Sigh. This is highly amusing, most likely to everybody except Gaetz. It was paid for by Mad Dog PAC, which was formed in 2017 and is an anti-Trump group.

In other Gaetz news, Representative Adam Kinzinger (Republican-Illinois) has become the first in his party to call for the resignation of Gaetz formally. Good for him. At least, this shows one GOP member is willing to do the right thing. But it is still cricket time among other Republicans.

I do wonder what is going through the mind of Gaetz. Does he take any responsibility? Does he have any self-awareness? Will he look at himself and at least acknowledge he made some bad choices?

Nah. This is Matt Gaetz we’re speaking about, and, likely, he is simply too much of a narcissist to have the capability to do something like that. And the bouffant-haired Gaetz is still hysterically insisting he is innocent anyway. As the walls close in on the Congressman, he must surely know his days in Congress are numbered.

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