The Trump-GOP endgame

Writing this on the return flight from the 4th of July festivities at The National Mall, I feel gratitude for the renewed sense of normalcy in DC. Friends admonished me to be careful, as the insurrectionists might be back. I said I’d be sure to document everything, which I did excitedly when we happened to be on the corner where Biden’s motorcade was arriving at the White House. With the friendly but diligent Capitol Police and Secret Service calmly containing the crowd, I captured video of Biden reverently waving to us cheering onlookers. I couldn’t contain my happy tears.

But this normalcy belies the continued need for vigilance against dirty GOP tactics. Since July 4th, Republican follies have escalated. A CPAC dumpster fire with GOP crazies blatantly propagating the Big Lie and Anti-vaccine stupidity aired on Fox “News” surprisingly with disclaimers. Two former Trump attorneys are on the verge of being sanctioned and possibly disbarred. Trump removed his indicted CFO from dozens of his companies in a futile effort to distance himself. Republicans continued their orchestrated countrywide assault of voting rights in Texas.

Very interestingly, another former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis announced she’s leaving the GOP, possibly signaling a 3rd-party Trump candidacy for POTUS? Remember in July 2016 when the GOP changed its party platform to be more Russia-friendly, and then in 2020 completely eliminated their platform? Make no mistake, the GOP under Trump has a platform. That platform is anti-platform, anti-government, anti-rule of law. They install candidates who refuse to get anything done for the people. The likes of mindless puppets MTG, Cawthorn, Boebert, and newly Trump-endorsed challenger to major Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, all serve one purpose.

To use an American football analogy, they are like offensive linemen whose primary job is to block opponents and protect their quarterback. In this case, the quarterback is carrying a toxic bomb detonated to destroy all U.S. political norms. The real goal concisely stated by Noam Chomsky is “implementing policies for the benefit of his primary constituency of great wealth and corporate power while conning the victims into worshipping him as their savior.”

Lawlessness has been the ultimate goal of the GOP and global oligarchs since the 1980s break-up of the former Soviet Union. With his indebtedness to Putin, Trump was obligated to dismantle the rule of law here in the U.S. clearing the way for continued pillaging of the world’s resources and consolidating of wealth and power.


Biden and Democrats hold our hopes of stability and normalcy by a thread. Every time we regain control, we strengthen our grasp. Every time the GOP gains control, they weaken it. We cannot let them retake the reins in 2022 and 2024.

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