The Republican Party is drunk on its own poisoned Kool-Aid

Today’s Republican Party isn’t about new and innovative ideas to improve the lives of all Americans, it’s about seizing and maintaining power, whatever the cost to the welfare of our nation and its democratic institutions. This is not really a new development. It started with the past Curmudgeon of the House Newt Gingrich and his so-called “Contract with America” in the mid-1990’s, which was nothing more than a ruse to get as many Republicans elected to Congress to seize and hold power.

Nothing positively constructive got done by the GOP over the last 25 years. The only notable things it “accomplished” were to impeach Bill Clinton and spin America’s wheels for over a year, criminally manipulate the U.S. into disastrous Mideast conflicts, trash the U.S. economy by causing two recessions, block positive progressive legislation, and permanently impair the federal judiciary and Supreme Court with the appointment of incompetent right-wing-biased judges.

With the advent of Boss Trump, the GOP found the master practitioner of its empty, self-serving, and immoral cause, and he took it to the limit, forever besmirching our country’s democratic institutions and foreign relations, wrecking our national economy, and unnecessarily killing hundreds of thousands of Americans by his COVID mismanagement. The Republicans had a great opportunity to flush Trump into a political sewer after losing the While House and Congress in the 2020 election, but chose to let him back into the spotlight at the CPAC conference this past week. Trump gave a 90-minute rambling speech attacking the only Republicans in Congress to hold him accountable for the January 6 insurrection, and continuing his whining about the alleged election victory that he claimed was stolen from him. The golden idol-worshipping CPAC crowd ate it up.


The GOP’s inability to break its addiction to Trump’s poison Kool-Aid is a great development for Democrats. The Republicans will continue their uncivil war over Trump’s continued role in the party and pushing their empty anti-agenda for America. They will waste considerable time and energy supporting a treasonous criminal as their party dear leader. All the Democrats need to do to stay in power is to stick together, run good candidates, and let the GOP continue to self-destruct over Trump’s party crashing, soon to be conducted from a jail cell.

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